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SF author and poet Rose Lemberg made a wonderful post late last year:

Borrowing the striking cover of the awesome Joanna Russ non-fiction book, "How to Suppress Women's Writing," Lemberg precisely enumerates the frustrations of getting access accommodations.

A brief snippet:
quote begins
She asked for access, but look how she asked. (Too quietly, too loudly, too soon, too late, she was rude, too wishy-washy, too oblique, too pushy, she asked the wrong people, she did not write an essay about it, she wrote essays in all the wrong places, we did not see the links, she sent emails to the wrong people, we lost the emails, conrunners work very hard).
quote ends

She didn't write it. (But if it's clear she did the deed...)
She wrote it but she shouldn't have. (It's political, sexual, masculine, feminist.)
She wrote it but look what she wrote about. (The bedroom, her kitchen, her family. Other women!)
She wrote it but she wrote only one of it. (Jane Eyre. Poor dear, that's all she ever ...)
She wrote it but she isn't really an artist, and it isn't really art. (It's a thriller, a romance, a children's book. It's sci-fi!)
She wrote it but she had help. (Robert Browning, Bronwen Bronte, her own "masculine side.")
She wrote it but she's an anomaly. (Woolf, with Leonard's help ...)
She wrote it BUT...
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