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What Good Writers Still Get Wrong about Blind People

[personal profile] kestrell, who's been involved in SFF fandom for 2/3 of forever, is a regular writer for Green Man Review, an aficionado of horror, and was half of the team to bring Better Access to WisCon31, just got back from Readercon. She presented on "What Good Writers Still Get Wrong about Blind People"
 begin quote Because my goal is to discuss specific representations of blindness and blind people, I am going to use concrete examples from specific works. I don't wish for this to be interpreted as personal attacks upon the writers who wrote these works; I specifically mention in the title of this talk that these are all good writers, really, the best writers. The problem, I believe, is that there is so much mythologizing and misinformation about blindness and blind people that it is difficult for even the best authors to always distinguish fact from fiction, reality from stereotype.  quote ends 

part one of three
part two of three
part three of three
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Awesome! Thanks for the link.
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Question: would it be useful to post links to more resources about writing different disabilities, what with the fest and all? I can think of a few that might be handy.
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Thanks for collecting and posting these!