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Many thanks to [personal profile] kaz and [personal profile] were_duck as usual. Feel free to drop us links in comments.

Sparked by the "Ressentiment" post from Linkspam #5:

belledame22: [Title redacted on account of ableism] [note: post is attacking, not defending, the attitudes expressed in the title]

Kristen: The Resentment of Ressentiment or Entitlement in the Extreme

About FWD/Forward

Note: As you might guess from the title, most of these are just linkages/"this is really awesome!"s

Adventures of a Young Feminist: Tuesday Link Love

Cara: New blog by feminists with disabilities

Chally: I roam the internet claiming my places

Foxtrot: Quick Hit: FWD/Forward

Heather: New Feminist Disability Blog launched

Illegal Jesus: I bring you links and not much else

[ profile] kaninchenzero [Disability] Out of Sight

[personal profile] lauredhel: FWD: Feminists With Disabilities is GO!

Melissa McEwan: Monday Blogaround

Ouyang Dan: Psst... pass it on!

[ profile] pharaoh_katt Today in "I hate the world sometimes"

[ profile] sanguinity: (no subject)

SarahMC at Pursuit of Harpyness: Rad New Blog Alert

[ profile] sophy New Website addressing the intersection of Feminism and Disability

Tera: New blog of awesomeness

[ profile] were_duck: FWD FTW!

The, er, original discussion:

FWD: Ableist Word Profile: What's Your Damage?
FWD: Ablesit Word Profile: Retarded

[ profile] hokuton_punch (no subject)

Meloukhia: Putting some money where my words are

Shut Up, Sit Down:

[personal profile] stoneself (no subject)

Other links of interest: (because we're really into this)

Eli Claire: Thinking about the word crip

Womanist Musings: Negotiating Disableism

FWD: Telegram to TABs, On Spoon Theory
Crossposted at Hoyden About Town: Telegram to TABs, On Spoon Theory

FWD: What We Talk About When We Talk About Language

ETA: One link removed at request of OP

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