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Many thanks to [personal profile] kaz and [personal profile] were_duck as usual. Feel free to drop us links in comments.

Sparked by the "Ressentiment" post from Linkspam #5:

belledame22: [Title redacted on account of ableism] [note: post is attacking, not defending, the attitudes expressed in the title]

Kristen: The Resentment of Ressentiment or Entitlement in the Extreme

About FWD/Forward

Note: As you might guess from the title, most of these are just linkages/"this is really awesome!"s

Adventures of a Young Feminist: Tuesday Link Love

Cara: New blog by feminists with disabilities

Chally: I roam the internet claiming my places

Foxtrot: Quick Hit: FWD/Forward

Heather: New Feminist Disability Blog launched

Illegal Jesus: I bring you links and not much else

[ profile] kaninchenzero [Disability] Out of Sight

[personal profile] lauredhel: FWD: Feminists With Disabilities is GO!

Melissa McEwan: Monday Blogaround

Ouyang Dan: Psst... pass it on!

[ profile] pharaoh_katt Today in "I hate the world sometimes"

[ profile] sanguinity: (no subject)

SarahMC at Pursuit of Harpyness: Rad New Blog Alert

[ profile] sophy New Website addressing the intersection of Feminism and Disability

Tera: New blog of awesomeness

[ profile] were_duck: FWD FTW!

The, er, original discussion:

FWD: Ableist Word Profile: What's Your Damage?
FWD: Ablesit Word Profile: Retarded

[ profile] hokuton_punch (no subject)

Meloukhia: Putting some money where my words are

Shut Up, Sit Down:

[personal profile] stoneself (no subject)

Other links of interest: (because we're really into this)

Eli Claire: Thinking about the word crip

Womanist Musings: Negotiating Disableism

FWD: Telegram to TABs, On Spoon Theory
Crossposted at Hoyden About Town: Telegram to TABs, On Spoon Theory

FWD: What We Talk About When We Talk About Language

ETA: One link removed at request of OP

(no subject)

Date: 2009-10-18 02:14 am (UTC)
elf: Another link in the chain (Linkspam)
From: [personal profile] elf
One more note--when posts were crossposted, I didn't include the LJ/IJ version if it didn't allow comments. I would include posts with comments locked, but not if they were duplicated elsewhere that allowed comments. (Haven't read enough of this set to know if you're doing that, and you may or may not want to follow that pattern. But noting that comments are blocked is generally useful.)

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