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This is slightly off-topic, but I wanted to give a heads up. (Mods, you can remove this if it's out of line.)

Sins Invalid is a San Francisco/Bay Area based performance project that celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists. They've been performing since 2006, but only in the Bay Area. But now they're working to produce a DVD! They're kickstarting for $15,000, of which almost $12,500 has been raised.

As of today, there's a little more than a week left on the Sins Invalid kickstarter.

I have to admit, I'm partly pushing for this because I haven't been able to get down there and I personally want a DVD. But I also think that the work they do is really important and cool. If you've been looking for a project like this to fund, here is one!

If you have not used Kickstarter before, it's easy to sign up, they take Amazon payments or credit/debit cards (I don't know about other forms of payment, sorry) and you're not obligated to pay anything unless the goal is met and until the end of the fundraising period. If you pledge support above a certain level you can get rewards. For this kickstarter, a $35 pledge will entitle you to a downloadable copy of the finished DVD, a $50 pledge will get you a physical DVD, a $75 pledge will get you two copies and $100 will get you an additional behind-the-scenes disc. There are more shmancy rewards at the higher tiers, but even if you can only give a little bit, every bit helps!

The Sins Invalid kickstarter, check it out.
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