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Representation Linkspam #4

linkspam by myself and [personal profile] kaz. Feel free to drop us links in comments.

Old business (Feministing call for Boycott)

[personal profile] susanreads Three random unconnected things (signal boost)

New Business

abledbody: Glee: That's how Artie rolls

Almandite: Out of Place

Blackbird Singing: Glee and Disability
[ profile] stonebender Glee and disability (crosspost)

Fi: Re: Glee "Wheels" [warning for massive unexamined privilege, attempted silencing, fail, etc.]

Girl W/ Pen: Body Language: A Very Special Glee

[ profile] jumbled_words On Words and Word Usage and oh Glee, lots of Glee [Warning: This is a dissenting opinion and may very well be upsetting to readers]
Crossposted at Jumbled Words

[ profile] katrin (no subject) [ableist use of the word "lame"]

Kelly Fox: Glee and disability part II [okay, I'm going to add a warning here - post makes it seem as if OP is buying into some rather unpleasant stereotypes about stuttering and intelligence]

Molly's MixTape: 11.16

New York Times Arts Beat: 'Glee' Watch: Wheelchair Antics

FWD: A few relevant posts on Glee (links and discussion in comments)

FWD: Glee: That's why we call it dismissing legitimate concerns instead of acting

Patricia E. Bauer: Glee's "Wheels" Episode is Hulu's 3rd most popular video

[ profile] puritybrown Glee

Sign on the Window: A Review of Intellectual Disability and Glee

This Ain't Livin' (meloukhia): Glee: Showmance

Terri's Special Children Blog: Glee and Faking Disabilities

[personal profile] trouble More Anna, elsewhere (talking about comments at Bitch magazine)

The Washington Post: For Glee, a Wheelchair Misstep?

Wheelie Catholic: Washington Post Glee reader poll [response]