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The North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) will be Detcon1 in 2014, held in the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit, July 17-20. We are currently seeking an access lead as well as volunteers for the accessibility team at the convention.

(A NASFiC is only held during a year when the Worldcon is not in North America. The location is selected by a vote of the members of the prior Worldcon, giving us slightly less than a year to plan and produce the convention. The 2014 NASFiC will be nearly a month prior to the Worldcon in London, so people can potentially attend both. For more information, see

We have some advantages over many Worldcons and NASFiCs, in that our hotel facility has enough rooms and function space to completely contain the event, with no need for transportation to and from a convention center or overflow hotels, but we also have some narrow hallways we were thinking we should put lanes in like WisCon does, and of course there are plenty of other things we need to plan for and do.

A NASFiC is by its very nature a one-shot, and we want to do it right. We also have a safety officer and are forming a diversity advisory board to help us do outreach to fans of all kinds everywhere, and especially in Metro Detroit. We will further be running a scholarship program (the parameters of which have yet to be defined).

If you are interested in being involved with any of this, please leave a comment or contact me at, or contact the conchair Tammy Coxen at

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