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A review from 2013 about the show "Legit" (which I recently watched the first season of on Netflix!)

Think Progress: With 'Legit', FX Tackles Disability, Independent Living, and Sex, and makes it all very Funny


GabbySilang at Tumblr:

And now, too many words about mental illness in s4 of Rookie Blue

This post discusses the portrayal of a character with bipolar disorder.

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Date: 2014-05-20 02:31 pm (UTC)
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I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Legit. I was please the reviewer used "confined" to describe life in a nursing home, and not life using a wheelchair. I just couldn't parse this notion: While it might have been preferable to have an actor with muscular dystrophy playing Billy, Qualls turns in a very funny, physically astute performance that’s enriched rather than inhibited by Billy’s limited mobility.

Is Alyssa Rosenberg saying that because someone has typical mobility, they can do a better job impersonating someone with limited mobility? I'm really asking.

This essay is somewhat related: challenges people who write about/work in disability to be up front about their relationship to disability, in whatever form.

Disclosing Our Relationships to Disabilities: An Invitation for Disability Studies Scholars by Corbett Joan O'Toole

it's on the "accessible" side of academic writing.

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