More Test-driving

Thu, Feb. 26th, 2015 08:17 pm
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Today's event, first medical appointment in the chair. Which went okay-ish, though I can't help thinking that if you have to put a sign on the front of your building saying 'Physio patients, not this one, you want the one at the other side of the business park' then you probably want better directions in your letters.

Anyway, I found the right building in the end. complete with wheelchair access through the bowels of the underground car park. Fortunately relatively well thought out - 'Oh shit, outward opening door at the top of a ramp' turned out to have automatic opening (though of course you lose all your momentum waiting for it to open).  OTOH the lift was only just big enough for my chair, I can see larger powerchairs having issues.

The physio wasn't thrown that I was using a chair, which was just the reaction I wanted. I did try trolling the situation wrt wheelchair assessments and the weight etc of the chair during the explanation of what was going on in the hope that he would take the bait and say 'that chair's clearly inappropriate'; but unfortunately what he actually said was 'I don't know a lot about wheelchairs' and 'we leave that to Wheelchair Services' :(

Treatment-wise he agrees that I have impingement syndrome. Unfortunately he says I've also got a frozen shoulder as a result, and he can't treat the impingement syndrome until he's treated the frozen shoulder. *headdesk* So I've got a bunch of exercises for working on range of motion to be getting on with and another appointment next Friday.

There did seem to be a disturbing undertone of 'I'm only here to treat one thing, so if I treat the frozen shoulder I won't have to treat the impingement syndrome'. That might be a somewhat harsh interpretation, but I'm really not sure it's wrong. If it turns out to be the case, then I think it's fair to say someone is going to be complained at!

I went shopping at Asda* post-physio (and really overdid amount of food you can squeeze into one basket sitting on your knee). Treatment at the checkouts was, ahem, interesting.

I got to the tills to find the wide aisle was closed (which makes two-for-two for trips to Asda in the chair), even though about a dozen other aisles were open. Picked another aisle and the lady running the till calls up from the customer she's serving that 'she's open'.
I'm sorry, what? Finally figured out that she meant someone had just opened up the next aisle (not the wide one), which I couldn't see from that height.

So I swap aisles, only to find the chair physically won't fit through that aisle (it did fit through one last time, but this one was clearly subtly narrower). At which point the till-ladies decide among themselves that they're summoning a supervisor to sort it out and I should go down to the wide aisle. Why the aisle-opening one couldn't simply open the wide aisle herself I don't know. Eventually the supervisor appears, who looks about 20. But he's male, so he's a supervisor.

Up until that point I'd been reasonably happy that people were trying to help even if they weren't being particularly competent at it. And that's when he really put his foot in his mouth. "Sorry for the delay," he says, "we haven't got the personnel to man this one.'

'But you've got the staff to man a dozen other aisles?'


Let's just say I firmly impressed on him the need for manning the access aisle first, last and always! Maybe he'll think before making stupid comments again!

* my nearest superstore, Wallmart owned, for American readers

Today's DailyOM Offerings...

NSFW Thu, Feb. 26th, 2015 11:36 am
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(no subject)

Thu, Feb. 26th, 2015 07:44 am
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Scott called in yesterday and so didn't go to work. I think he was feeling really in need of a longer break. We'll just have to hope he doesn't get sick-- He only gets two call in days every six months. (and they do not accumulate). He's back at work today. Hopefully that's going well, and hopefully there won't be any weekend work. He'll be first on the list for weekend work after having three days off.

Scott and I went to Cafe Marie for lunch. They've changed their menu a bit, cutting back on what they offer just a little. They don't offer onion rings any more which disappointed us. Usually, we both get cherry chicken sandwiches, and one of us gets onion rings while the other gets sweet potato fries, and we share. Cafe Marie is going to be staying open later from here on out. It used to be that they closed at 3:00 every day, but now, they'll be open until 7:00 Monday through either Thursday or Friday and close at 3:00 on the weekends. I don't know that the extended hours will matter much to us. They might, I suppose, but Cordelia doesn't like Cafe Marie, so it's not a great dinner option when she's around.

We forgot to do a whole bunch of things yesterday that we'd meant to do-- change the sheets, bake bread, brine the chicken (I cooked it anyway, but it tastes better if it's been brined). I think I need to give up on the idea of banana bread; the bananas look too old even for that. We did watch some Leverage, and Scott played a lot of Kerbal Space Program. He's been having a lot of fun with that.

I think I figured out how to start chapter 5 of my Harry Potter AU. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but the characters really don't have good options open to them given how much they don't trust each other. I do have to decide just how powerful a particular character is and whether or not she can actually do some of the things she's been guessing that she might be able to do. This will be a pretty much immediate follow up to chapter 4 because I can't leave the characters where they were. The other strand of the story also isn't at a point where I can easily take it forward, not yet. A little more time needs to pass in the story.

I'm thinking a lot about my Rurouni Kenshin AU, too. I know exactly what scene or scenes I need to write next. I just haven't figured out the right point of view character, and I'm not sure of the voices of all of the characters who will have to be involved. I find it easier to write scenes with three or fewer characters, and this will require about half a dozen different people all at once.

We can be immortals.

Thu, Feb. 26th, 2015 12:44 am
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I saw Big Hero 6 earlier! VERY glad I didn't see this one in the theater. Death/grief cw and major spoilers. )

Changing reactions

Thu, Feb. 26th, 2015 01:11 am
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I have never reacted to caffeine in a normal way. I used to take it to try to keep awake, but it didn't work at all, yet I kept trying, and eventually I took so much I developed a very strong intolerance of it that lasted for a few years. Then I slowly went back to it, vowing to take it easy.

Now, I've recently noticed something odd. I've noticed that every so often, my reaction to caffeine completely changes. It's similar to how other things about me will spontaneously change, such as tastes I couldn't get enough of suddenly tasting weird or horrible to me, habits that were very strong for years suddenly being set aside for no reason I can determine. I used to be incapable of falling asleep without music, but then when I was in my teens, I underwent one of these spontaneous changes, and for months I couldn't get to sleep if there were any noise in the room at all. I still can't fall asleep if there is music playing, but after those few months passed, it changed again and now I need white noise to fall asleep, like the fan going.

But now I've noticed the same thing happening with my reactions to caffeine. I never noticed it before, but looking back I notice it, because of the change that appears to have happened. For at least the last few years, caffeine has acted like a depressant for me up to a point, then past that point I would get shaky and weak, the same symptoms as not having eaten for many hours, minus the stomach noises and sensations.

Now, though, my reaction to caffeine has completely changed once more; now I take just a little bit of it, and I feel like a very tight guitar string, with random parts of my body spontaneously jerking, a tense tingling in certain regions of my body I will not discuss here, even my jaw snapping shut without warning and clacking my teeth together or making me bite my tongue. This is highly unusual, I have never felt anything like it before to my recollection. I don't feel weak or shaky, like I would have before. But if I have any more than I've had today, I think I would probably suffer something else before I ever got to that point, so I don't want to try it.

What gets me is that this isn't just a spontaneous change in some mental habit, or a spontaneous personality shift, which is something I've known about for years. Up until now, I had a theory about those sudden shifts, that it's linked to my being a multiple. You see, along with the other fully-formed people living in my head with me, there are also what I call "soul shards" floating around in my mental landscape. These soul shards, whatever their origin, tend to coalesce into things, or spontaneously float into the control mechanism of our collective, attach to one or more of us, and have even coalesced into whole new system mates before; it's these soul shards that, we think, cause those spontaneous personality changes and taste changes. But is it possible that they can also be responsible for these spontaneous changes in physiological responses to things? Can they be responsible for the changing reactions to caffeine? Is that possible?
I think it may well be possible. I have had reason to believe, in the past, that things about my mind can affect the body in profound ways. My girlfriend Lily has said before that I smell different from other adults. She says adults smell musky, and children smell like fresh soil. And she told me that I smell like a mix of the two; not fully adult nor fully child, and from this I came up with the hypothesis of: "What if my childlike qualities - including the two childlike people in our collective, Molly Elizabeth and Ian - are somehow responsible for this mixed scent of mine?" That would be a physiological difference caused by a mental difference.

There's more. Alex, Pi, and Negarahn are physically stronger than any of the rest of us in the collective. They are capable of lifting more than the others. No matter how hard the others try, they can't lift as much as Alex, Pi, and Negarahn can. And even odder, Pi can lift more when zie switches to a feminine mode than when zie is in a masculine or neuter mode.
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Dragged in to work later than I thought I might, from when I woke up.

Helldesk is helldesk.

Lunch with Purple was fun; there's a new high-level dev who had joined the table, and was going on at some length about C++. Also his two months in India as a white guy (to a >50% Indian lunch table; Purple and Lennon Glasses Guy and I were the other <50%). It was entertaining as someone who's never been; from the reactions of the rest of the table, it was thigh-slappingly hysterical to a local.

Sat down with Madam Standards and talked about the party.

Sat down with the computer and swore a lot.

Then there was a guest speaker. I walked there with Purple. Mr. Zune joined us. The speaker was hilarious, and I only spilled a little lemonade on Purple & Mr. Zune.

Purple zipped out of work fast enough to forget to sign out of IM, which was a little surreal.

Helldesk may be granting me helpdesk-type privs, since my duties include keeping an eye on teammates' stuff. If that happens, I shall offer my services to #VirtualH.

I scrammed out early-ish, hit Costco for dinner fixings, then holed up at home. It took much too long to untangle my hair. No washer-fixing yet. I did fix my connection to #adventuresofstnono via the bouncer rather than direct.

Poem: "Tools and Toys"

Wed, Feb. 25th, 2015 08:50 pm
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This poem came out of the February 2015 Crowdfunding Creative Jam. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] chordatesrock. It has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. This poem belongs to the Aquariana thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Read more... )

It's still Wednesday somewhere books

Thu, Feb. 26th, 2015 10:50 am
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What I'm Reading
Hostage by Sherwood Smith and Rachel Manija Brown, the sequel to Stranger. I'm enjoying it quite a lot so far--it picks up something like six weeks after the end of the first book, and the time jump allows the authors to continue exploring the ramifications of what went down at the end of Stranger in a way that feels believable. I'm only about 1/6 of the way through, though, so I can't comment on much else yet!

Silver Spoon vol. 7 - I know, I know, I'm so slow. In my defense, my usual commute on the train is only 11 minutes long.

What I've Just Read
The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal - Really, really excellent. The book winds up being divided into three segments--Paris; Vienna; Tokyo--and somewhere in the beginning of the Vienna section, the central episode of the netsuke's history and the Ephrussis', the story flipped over and became violently engrossing. I'm not sure I've read such a particularly Viennese portrait of the lead-up to the Anschluss, and the book also brings home all over again the ways in which the inability to deal with Jewish people really seems to be the central problem of modern Europe, even as de Waal stays focused on his family in particular. (I saw a tumblr post the day after I finished the book talking about anti-Semitism in France after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. The OP concluded that Europe's response to anti-Semitism will always be "be less Jewish." But in interwar Vienna, as de Waal points out, not embodying anti-Semitic stereotypes was equally an affront to non-Jewish society. It was a catch-22.) More than half of Vienna's population was Jewish at the turn of the C20, but that was immaterial to the hatred that was marshalled against Austrian Jews, and German Jews, and the Jews of France and Eastern Europe. The core of the Ephrussi family survived the war, but at the very high cost of their property and even in some sense, it seems (though de Waal never says this explicitly) their identity. Although brief, de Waal is equally good on the hypocrisy of the newly reconstructed Austrian government ("Austria was the first victim"…no) and its refusal to even consider reparations. It becomes very clear that without his grandmother, the indomitable lawyer and scholar Elizabeth Ephrussi, the story would have gone very differently.

I've lost the netsuke again in these remarks. They reappear after the war, a small collection of objects saved from the wreckage of a family, a city, a society; they make their way back to Japan with Iggie, de Waal's great uncle, and by the end of the book have emigrated again, this time back to London. De Waal refuses to sentimentalize their return in a way that fits with the netsuke themselves; there is no juxtaposition to be drawn between their survival and the destruction of six million people, including many of the Ephrusssis' extended family. I liked the Tokyo section of the book; Showa Japan is gone, but de Waal is very good at evoking it, and in particular Tokyo immediately after the surrender. There are more commonalities between what was going on in Japan and Europe throughout the entire scope of the book than de Waal admits, though to me that was an unavoidable element of the whole story. I also really appreciated the ways in which the Paris section acts as something of a key to Proust's novels, which are wonderful but have more issues than a weekly periodical. In any case, highly recommended. You might also be interested in [personal profile] liv's remarks on the book.

What I'll Read Next
Earth Logic by Laurie J. Marks. SO EXCITE.

(no subject)

Wed, Feb. 25th, 2015 06:15 pm
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Sad thing: The beautiful butterfly mug [personal profile] recessional got me for Wintermas has already developed a hairline crack that leaks tea. D:

Happy thing: I wrote! I wrote a THING! For [community profile] jakink also known as the Jupiter Ascending Kink Meme, so it is some Caine/Jupiter BDSM aftercare.

There is some really good fic at the kink meme (THE KIZA ONE) that needs more comments! Also [personal profile] muccamukk has been posting JA recs to her journal and for the most part they are very good, but the dæmon AU one is VERY fucking sad.

What I'm Doing Wednesday

Wed, Feb. 25th, 2015 08:00 pm
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I did get back into London Falling, but then RL stuff reared its head and I still haven't finished. (It's not THAT long a book, either. :/) Not sure what'll be next.

So many yarny projects omg. I've re-begun work (again) on formerly-languishing Thing 1, going roughly off the Sam Wilson pattern. Here's hoping it works out. Thing 2, however, is still (still! augh!) on hiatus while I figure out an engineering issue. Meanwhile, Sam Doll's flight jacket is still awaiting its zipper (pinned in place, only needs sewing, I am failboat). His flight rig is still daunting me (a much bigger engineering issue). Other things are waiting for me to have brain.

augh. Another cold front is due tomorrow, rassumfrassum. No new outside plants. Inside, I took a table knife to the window box of catnip, wrested the spinach intruder free, and tossed it. Because it's beyond time for me to be getting rid of the things that bug me. Next, to get some herbs in the other window boxes and soon to get the hanging baskets outside -- once they won't freeze.

pretty sure I'm forgetting something, but I'm omg exhausted. This week has so much stress in it and I'm so done. With everything. Never mind that it's only midweek. Also, I'm behind on comments again. Will get there soon.
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 The general fund poll is up on LiveJournal.  You may vote in a comment if you don't have an account there.

Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Wed, Feb. 25th, 2015 04:08 pm
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 Latest fun graphic from Compound Interest is about proton nuclear magnetic resonance.

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