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[community profile] dark_agenda: Promotion Fest: Dis/ability

Celebrating characters of color with disabilities for the kaleidoscope challenge! A list of suggested characters is provided in the post.
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There's a call for for submissions to a Jane Eyre zine, and the organiser is particularly interested in disability-centric readings of the text. (The call mentions Bertha specifically but there's more to mine.) Information about how to submit at the link, and I definitely encourage you to do so whether you're an Eyre-hater or -lover!
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[personal profile] lightgetsin is hosting a Disability flicrle meme (a friending/subscribing meme) as part of 3 weeks for Dreamwidth. Non-disabled allies are welcome to participate.
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Thanks to [personal profile] kate, who posted about this earlier today.

[ profile] evilpuppy posted about an awful experience flying United Airlines. She is a young disabled woman who was treated horribly by every United Airlines representative she encountered on her trip and after, when she tried to file complaints about the poor service.

[personal profile] twistedchick has also written about this incident, and further assembled a set of relevant links with contact information for various agencies, should you wish to learn more or write a letter of complaint.

ETA: [ profile] cleolinda also has a post with updates on United's response to the situation.
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Over on the [site community profile] dw_accessibility community, I proposed a way to make it easier to follow who's talking with whom on long comment threads.

Particularly if you use a smaller screen (netbook, phone), large print, audio or braille to read your Dreamwidth circle, I'd love your sampling the discussion and contributing your thoughts.
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[personal profile] ysobel, in Davis, CA, is seeking a female roommate and is offering free rent in exchange for someone to be on call in case of emergency.

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