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Representation Linkspam #9

Land of Punt: Glee Songs for November 25, Season 1, Episode 11 Hairography (I *think* this post is sarcastic, but readers may find it offensive. Adviso for automatically playing sound, embedded vids.)

[ profile] it_grrl Where I am right now

Although there was apparently no disability-specific problems with the latest Glee episode "Mattress", I decided to linkspam anyway.

These two posts contain a general trigger warning for discussion of domestic violence:

The Booze Tube: While they were there I told them to go ahead and yank out those tear ducts

This Ain't Livin' (meloukhia): Glee: Mattress



[ profile] laughingrat Feministing and Ableism: the Fail continues (from Nov 21, 2009)

ln(olga): breakin' out the old blog

monsters and molotovs: I love you, but your privilege is showing

[ profile] sophy Transphobia is wrong
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Linkspam by myself and [personal profile] kaz. Feel free to drop us links in comments. If anyone is interested in assisting in making these posts, drop me an email, private message, or comment. Thanks!

All Business: Glee Casting a sad case of missed opportunities (from the Toronto Star, op-ed, Oct 31 2009)

Avalon's Willow: How to be pissy about disability activism

Autistic and Gay: Will the Real Human Please Stand Up

BlogHer (Shannon Des Roches Rosa): Glee-ful about Special Needs TV

Cat in a Dog's World: This Week's Glee: The Good, the Bad and Horrific

Dallas (TX) TV Examiner: Glee Wheelchair controversy out of line with show's themes

Hollywood Crush: Glee Recap: episode 9 'Wheels' [ableist use of word "lame"]

[ profile] haddayr Glee Fail. Oh. My. God.

The Huffington Post: "Glee" Wheelchair episode upsets disabled (this is a repost of the AP article, with comments)

jon22: the Website of Jonathan Dobres: A Reasoned mid-season Assessment of Glee

Perspectives from a Blind Point of View: Should Disabled Characters only be Played by Disabled Actors?

Megan's Minute: Glee Pops a Few Wheelies

This Ain't Livin' (meloukhia): Glee: Ballad

TV Guide: Advocates for the Disabled Speak out against Glee's Wheelchair episode.

TV Squad: Why isn't Artie on Glee played by a disabled Actor?

[personal profile] sasha_feather A couple of thoughts on language, one thought about casting and "Glee"

Witticisms: 'Glee' Wheelchair episode shows why we fight on
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linkspam by myself and [personal profile] kaz. Feel free to drop us links in comments.

Old business (Feministing call for Boycott)

[personal profile] susanreads Three random unconnected things (signal boost)

New Business

abledbody: Glee: That's how Artie rolls

Almandite: Out of Place

Blackbird Singing: Glee and Disability
[ profile] stonebender Glee and disability (crosspost)

Fi: Re: Glee "Wheels" [warning for massive unexamined privilege, attempted silencing, fail, etc.]

Girl W/ Pen: Body Language: A Very Special Glee

[ profile] jumbled_words On Words and Word Usage and oh Glee, lots of Glee [Warning: This is a dissenting opinion and may very well be upsetting to readers]
Crossposted at Jumbled Words

[ profile] katrin (no subject) [ableist use of the word "lame"]

Kelly Fox: Glee and disability part II [okay, I'm going to add a warning here - post makes it seem as if OP is buying into some rather unpleasant stereotypes about stuttering and intelligence]

Molly's MixTape: 11.16

New York Times Arts Beat: 'Glee' Watch: Wheelchair Antics

FWD: A few relevant posts on Glee (links and discussion in comments)

FWD: Glee: That's why we call it dismissing legitimate concerns instead of acting

Patricia E. Bauer: Glee's "Wheels" Episode is Hulu's 3rd most popular video

[ profile] puritybrown Glee

Sign on the Window: A Review of Intellectual Disability and Glee

This Ain't Livin' (meloukhia): Glee: Showmance

Terri's Special Children Blog: Glee and Faking Disabilities

[personal profile] trouble More Anna, elsewhere (talking about comments at Bitch magazine)

The Washington Post: For Glee, a Wheelchair Misstep?

Wheelie Catholic: Washington Post Glee reader poll [response]
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Representation Linkspam #3

Old Business:
Reconcile: Please Boycott Feministing

Resulting discussion:

[ profile] bcholmes: Boycott-ification

Blackamazon: Fruit and cake

infamousqbert: On intersectionalities of oppression (signal boost)

[personal profile] maevele: Please boycott Feministing « Reconcile (signal boost)
[ profile] maevele: Please boycott Feministing « Reconcile (crosspost)

Meloukhia: Pensive potatoes (signal boost)

[personal profile] stoneself: not unexpectedly - nothing (signal boost)

Also Old business:

I would like to point out that [community profile] metafandom has a tag on delicious for disability; if you are interested in meta discussions of disability in fanfic/fandom/media, that is a good place to go.
[personal profile] kestrell has an annotated bibliography of Disability in Science Fiction and the Literature of the Fantastic, for representations of disability in SF/F literature.

Cate ([ profile] sheafrotherdon) covered "GateFail" in her journal (StarGate Universe episode "Sabotage") and has an article about it at Hard Core Nerdity (August 24, 2009)

New Business:

Adam Bowker: Disability in pop culture 9 - Glee

Deeply Problematic: Ableism in 30 Rock (Oct 21, 2009)

[ profile] jaltok: (no title)

[personal profile] kaz: Because incurable speech disorders just up and vanish all the time, don't you know

Laura: Glee: Wheels

[personal profile] noracharles: Glee 109 Wheels

Sign on the Window: A review of intellectual disability on "glee"

Stephen: Wheelchairs and weddings

Stonebender: Glee and disability
[ profile] stonebender: Disability and Glee (crosspost)

[ profile] stoney311 Glee fills me with... well.

[ profile] trixiesfic endangered chernobyl species

[personal profile] trouble Can't I make you understand/You're having delusions of granduer

Troy: Glee wheelchair episode shows why we fight on...

Wheelchair Dancer: Glee

Wheelie Catholic: Glee wheelchair episode: not gleeful

[personal profile] zvi Wednesday Night TV

Linkspammer's warning: Although I don't think any of this is really clear-cut enough to warrant warning for on a specific link, I feel a lot of these links are somewhat trivialising of stuttering as a disability - especially when put together.
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As this is rather a large topic, I'm being selective in what links get included. That said, feel free to drop links in comments! If anyone would like to assist with the linkspam, send me a PM or email.

Alas, A Blog: Fox's Glee, The stereotyping of fat black women, and making friends with the loser kid in the wheelchair (from April 23, 2009)

A Mandolyn and Ky: Glee and Disability

Bitch Magazine: Glee-ful Appropriation

[personal profile] jesse_the_k: With Glee! as a news hook, mainstream media acknowledges actors with disabilities

Cat in a Dog's World: Glee Fails in Representations (from Oct 14th 2009)

The Faster Times: Wheelchairs and Crutches: Glee vs. Breaking Bad

The Hathor Legacy: Glee Actually pretty much a letdown

[ profile] heather11483 Glee 1x09: Squee and some impressions

HMA Time: These Glee Fans Love the Show but are Concerned

[personal profile] kaz this is my brain shorting out because of UTTER FURY

meloukhia at This Ain't Livin': Glee: Wheels

Modern Commentaries: "Glee" Controversy (warning for language/unexamined privilege)

This LA Life: Glee's Not so Gleeful Take on Disability

Through a Deaf Lens: Hearing Actor in deaf blind role, "So What?," you say? (Includes many links)

[personal profile] trouble has several posts on Glee, the most recent are:
I can't sleep, so I'm thinking about Glee (Nov 11)
I don't even have a title that expresses the degree of contempt I have (Oct 24th)

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