Representation Linkspam #9

Representation Linkspam #9

Land of Punt: Glee Songs for November 25, Season 1, Episode 11 Hairography (I *think* this post is sarcastic, but readers may find it offensive. Adviso for automatically playing sound, embedded vids.)

[ profile] it_grrl Where I am right now

Although there was apparently no disability-specific problems with the latest Glee episode "Mattress", I decided to linkspam anyway.

These two posts contain a general trigger warning for discussion of domestic violence:

The Booze Tube: While they were there I told them to go ahead and yank out those tear ducts

This Ain't Livin' (meloukhia): Glee: Mattress



[ profile] laughingrat Feministing and Ableism: the Fail continues (from Nov 21, 2009)

ln(olga): breakin' out the old blog

monsters and molotovs: I love you, but your privilege is showing

[ profile] sophy Transphobia is wrong

Linkspam: Feministing and Glee

Representation Linkspam #6 with Bonus Feministing Discussions

More on Feministing fail:

angrylemur: ok some things

Catspaw: Wider Boycott for Feministing - disability failures

gudbuytjane: Cosign

Having Read the Fine Print: Fruit and Cake

[personal profile] lauredhel: I drop in so you don't have to

The Pursuit of Harpyness: Is Feminist Punditry Really Possible (Or Positive?)

Questioning Transphobia: Quixotess: please boycott Feministing

Reconcile: Quix Goes Mainstream

This Ain't Livin' (meloukhia): Won't You Join Me?


The Inclusion Paradox: People with Disabilities want More Performers to Truly fit Roles

Jumbled Words: Oh Look, more controversy!
[ profile] jumbled_words Oh Look, more controversy! (cross-post)

Squidalicious: Goodbye and Good Riddance to the R Word
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Representation Linkspam #3

Representation Linkspam #3

Old Business:
Reconcile: Please Boycott Feministing

Resulting discussion:

[ profile] bcholmes: Boycott-ification

Blackamazon: Fruit and cake

infamousqbert: On intersectionalities of oppression (signal boost)

[personal profile] maevele: Please boycott Feministing « Reconcile (signal boost)
[ profile] maevele: Please boycott Feministing « Reconcile (crosspost)

Meloukhia: Pensive potatoes (signal boost)

[personal profile] stoneself: not unexpectedly - nothing (signal boost)

Also Old business:

I would like to point out that [community profile] metafandom has a tag on delicious for disability; if you are interested in meta discussions of disability in fanfic/fandom/media, that is a good place to go.
[personal profile] kestrell has an annotated bibliography of Disability in Science Fiction and the Literature of the Fantastic, for representations of disability in SF/F literature.

Cate ([ profile] sheafrotherdon) covered "GateFail" in her journal (StarGate Universe episode "Sabotage") and has an article about it at Hard Core Nerdity (August 24, 2009)

New Business:

Adam Bowker: Disability in pop culture 9 - Glee

Deeply Problematic: Ableism in 30 Rock (Oct 21, 2009)

[ profile] jaltok: (no title)

[personal profile] kaz: Because incurable speech disorders just up and vanish all the time, don't you know

Laura: Glee: Wheels

[personal profile] noracharles: Glee 109 Wheels

Sign on the Window: A review of intellectual disability on "glee"

Stephen: Wheelchairs and weddings

Stonebender: Glee and disability
[ profile] stonebender: Disability and Glee (crosspost)

[ profile] stoney311 Glee fills me with... well.

[ profile] trixiesfic endangered chernobyl species

[personal profile] trouble Can't I make you understand/You're having delusions of granduer

Troy: Glee wheelchair episode shows why we fight on...

Wheelchair Dancer: Glee

Wheelie Catholic: Glee wheelchair episode: not gleeful

[personal profile] zvi Wednesday Night TV

Linkspammer's warning: Although I don't think any of this is really clear-cut enough to warrant warning for on a specific link, I feel a lot of these links are somewhat trivialising of stuttering as a disability - especially when put together.
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Feministing linkspam #10

I know we said we wouldn't post another linkspam until Feministing responded. Well, they have:

Courtney at Feministing: Follow Up on Disability Rights Dialogue. [warning for lots and lots of unexamined privilege in the post, and some rather revisionist history. Also, ware comments.]


[ profile] sophy: Feminism and Disability stuff

[personal profile] trouble: Latest Follow-Up From Feministing

Posts that went up in before Feministing's response:

[ profile] angrychihuahua: In what I sincerely hope is my last post on Feministing and its ongoing mess...

Blackamazon: Dangerous Ideas Part 1_ See us as people not as tools

Reconciliate: Chat with Feministing and other things

Other links of interest:

Liz Henry: Disability Blog Carnival 59: Disability and Work
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Chat with Feministing

I know we just posted a link roundup, but I thought you all would like to see how the chat between several disabled activists and two Feministing editors went, so I'm dropping a few links now.

As always, please leave us more links if we've missed any!

[personal profile] lauredhel: Oh no she didn't! Open Letter to Feministing followup

meloukhia at This Ain't Livin': The Chat with Feministing

[personal profile] trouble Chat with Feministing
[ profile] troubleinchina Chat with Feministing

And here's a DW feed if you'd like to follow FWD/Forward blog on your reading list:
Dreamwidth Syndicated Feed for FWD
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Feministing Linkspam #7

Many thanks to [personal profile] kaz and [personal profile] were_duck as usual. Feel free to drop us links in comments.

Sparked by the "Ressentiment" post from Linkspam #5:

belledame22: [Title redacted on account of ableism] [note: post is attacking, not defending, the attitudes expressed in the title]

Kristen: The Resentment of Ressentiment or Entitlement in the Extreme

About FWD/Forward

Note: As you might guess from the title, most of these are just linkages/"this is really awesome!"s

Adventures of a Young Feminist: Tuesday Link Love

Cara: New blog by feminists with disabilities

Chally: I roam the internet claiming my places

Foxtrot: Quick Hit: FWD/Forward

Heather: New Feminist Disability Blog launched

Illegal Jesus: I bring you links and not much else

[ profile] kaninchenzero [Disability] Out of Sight

[personal profile] lauredhel: FWD: Feminists With Disabilities is GO!

Melissa McEwan: Monday Blogaround

Ouyang Dan: Psst... pass it on!

[ profile] pharaoh_katt Today in "I hate the world sometimes"

[ profile] sanguinity: (no subject)

SarahMC at Pursuit of Harpyness: Rad New Blog Alert

[ profile] sophy New Website addressing the intersection of Feminism and Disability

Tera: New blog of awesomeness

[ profile] were_duck: FWD FTW!

The, er, original discussion:

FWD: Ableist Word Profile: What's Your Damage?
FWD: Ablesit Word Profile: Retarded

[ profile] hokuton_punch (no subject)

Meloukhia: Putting some money where my words are

Shut Up, Sit Down:

[personal profile] stoneself (no subject)

Other links of interest: (because we're really into this)

Eli Claire: Thinking about the word crip

Womanist Musings: Negotiating Disableism

FWD: Telegram to TABs, On Spoon Theory
Crossposted at Hoyden About Town: Telegram to TABs, On Spoon Theory

FWD: What We Talk About When We Talk About Language

ETA: One link removed at request of OP
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Feministing Linkspam #6

Thanks to [personal profile] kaz and [personal profile] sasha_feather for all of their work collecting links!

I'd like to take a moment to highlight an exciting new blog: FWD/Forward is a blog by a group of fine and talented rabblerousing feminists with disabilities, several of whom you'll recognize from these link roundups. If you're looking for an RSS feed to bring this blog to your reading list, [personal profile] lauredhel has RSS feeds for LJ and DW in a post here.

Abbyjean at FWD: Ableist Word Profile: Hysterical

Anji: Cosigning-An Open Letter to Feministing

The Czech: Feministing & Ableism

Fangirl: How to Be A Better Feminist

[personal profile] kaz: On talking vs. silence and currently-abledness
Crossposted at [ profile] kazaera: On talking vs. silence and currently-abledness

Mary at Geek Feminism: Link roundup to watch out for

Meloukhia: Rouged Pigeons
Meloukhia: Trembling Hydrangeas
Meloukhia: The Bystander Effect
Crossposted at This Ain't Livin'
Meloukhia at FWD: Ableist Word Profile: Lame

[personal profile] sasha_feather: Watch this documentary!
Crossposted at [ profile] sasha_feather: Watch this documentary!

[personal profile] sasha_feather: I believe in what you do - Arguing against the dictionary
Crossposted at [ profile] sasha_feather: I believe in what you do - Arguing against the dictionary

[personal profile] stoneself: (no subject)

[personal profile] susanreads: If it's not one thing it's another
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Feministing Linkspam #5

Feministing Linkspam #5

Thanks to my co-linkspammers [personal profile] sasha_feather and [personal profile] kaz! If you have a link to add, please leave it in comments and we'll add it to the next post.

Buttersisonlymyname: Leftist Ressentiment in the Extreme (WARNING. Seriously offensive and ableist. We are not kidding, this is VILE. Your hardened linkspammers could not make it all the way through this post.)

Fangirl: this ain't livin': an open letter to Feministing

[ profile] ithiliana: Signal Boost: Feministing and Disability Issues

Jennifer: On the Feministing Ableism debate

Laura: My use of ableist language

Meloukhia: FWD: Ableist Word Profile: "Cretin" (not related to Feministing specifically, but great analysis of ableist language)
Meloukhia: FWD" Ableist Word Profile: "Idiot" (not related to Feministing specifically, but great analysis of ableist language)

[ profile] mystickeeper: Signal Boost

Nancy Lorenz: Feministing: Time to Change

[ profile] pharaoh_katt: Alternatives to Ableist Language
[personal profile] pharaohkatt: Alternatives to Ableist Language (same post, different site)

Rebecca: Links, yo!

Renee: Drop it like it's hot

[ profile] stoneself: (no subject) (Signal boost)
[personal profile] stoneself: (no subject) (same post, different site)
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Feministing and Disability linkspam

Most of these links are via [personal profile] trouble, I'm reposting and linkspamming to signal boost. Please spread the word!

I'm going to post links to this comm as things develop on Feministing as a result of Meloukhia's Open Letter to Feministing, calling them out for ableist language issues in their posts and comment moderation. Meloukhia has been updating that post, so it's a good one to check back in with frequently.

[personal profile] trouble has collected relevant links here. She has written to Feministing about their ableism several times before and not gotten any responses.

There's a thread at feministing to discuss this, please beware comments.

Please, if you see a post that you think should be added to the next linkspam, drop me a comment or PM. ALSO, if you would like to join in the linkspamming effort, please know this comm allows members to post--all you have to do is join! If you are not a member of Dreamwidth and would like to have an account here, PM me your email address--I have several invite codes I'd be happy to give out.

That said, here are some related posts:

abbyjean: Feministing and Disability: the Stats

Amandaw: Open Letter to Feministing

Annaham: Confessions of a Reluctant Young White Feminist

Chally: Feminism that Doesn't Advance Women Is No Feminism At All

[personal profile] giandujakiss: Ouch.
[ profile] giandujakiss: Ouch. (same post, different comments)

[ profile] ithiliana: Signal Boost: Meloukhia's Open Letter to Feministing

Laura: An Open Letter to Feministing (from This Ain't Livin')

[personal profile] maevele: what I finally posted over at feministing
[ profile] maevele what I finally posted over at feministing (same post, different comments)

Meloukhia: Why Inclusionary Language Matters (this is an older post, linked in her open letter--very good)

Pieces of String: Open Letter to Feministing

[personal profile] sasha_feather: Some More on Disabling Language and Inclusionary Language
[ profile] sasha_feather: Some More on Disabling Language and Inclusionary Language (same post, different comments)

The Trouble Is: Tiny Cuts

[personal profile] trouble: (no subject)
[ profile] troubleinchina: (no subject) (same post, different comments)

[personal profile] trouble: Ongoing Feministing Drama
[ profile] troubleinchina: Ongoing Feministing Drama

[ profile] were_duck: Feministing
[personal profile] were_duck: Feministing