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Representation Linkspam #9

Representation Linkspam #9

Land of Punt: Glee Songs for November 25, Season 1, Episode 11 Hairography (I *think* this post is sarcastic, but readers may find it offensive. Adviso for automatically playing sound, embedded vids.)

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Although there was apparently no disability-specific problems with the latest Glee episode "Mattress", I decided to linkspam anyway.

These two posts contain a general trigger warning for discussion of domestic violence:

The Booze Tube: While they were there I told them to go ahead and yank out those tear ducts

This Ain't Livin' (meloukhia): Glee: Mattress



[ profile] laughingrat Feministing and Ableism: the Fail continues (from Nov 21, 2009)

ln(olga): breakin' out the old blog

monsters and molotovs: I love you, but your privilege is showing

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