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"Star Trek Was Among the Best Franchises at Representing People With Disabilities—Until Star Trek Beyond"

By Marissa Martinelli

"But for better or worse, Star Trek has always made an effort to address disability’s place in a utopian future, and more radically, to suggest that it does have a place there. In an era where cancer can be cured with a hypo spray, characters with disabilities are not magically “fixed”; in fact, practicing genetic engineering is strictly forbidden after the Eugenics Wars. Instead, people with disabilities are accepted, their lives improved by advanced technology, increased accessibility, and progressive social attitudes."

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Date: 2016-08-21 03:47 pm (UTC)
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Surprisingly, the article mentioned Loud as a Whisper without quoting Geordi and Riva's conversation. Geordi has my favorite line said about disability that I have ever seen on any television show, ever.

Riva asks about Geordi's VISOR and Geordi explains he is blind. Riva than asks if he resents it. Geordi asks, the VISOR or being blind? Riva answers, "either"

Geordi than says, "No, since they are both part of me and I really like who I am, there's no reason for me to resent either one."

I have yet to see another disabled character on TV integrate disability and adaptive equipment into identity that clearly. No bitterness, no "overcoming," just neutral identity. Revolutionary in any century.

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