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The Disabled People Destroy SF Kickstarter*, to produce a disability themed special issue of Uncanny magazine, is up and running here and well on its way to meeting the initial funding goal (about 80% funded with 29 days to go).

And the first of their personal essays on disability and SF is up here, a good piece on Mental Health/neurodiversity** getting in the way of growing up to be the SF protagonist you dreamed of, that the genre allows you to be, so sitting down and setting to work to change the genre to allow for protagonists with MH/neurodiversity. I'm so glad the first piece talks about MH/neurodiversity and invisible disability, as they're the most invisible/most often cured of SFnal disabilities.

* If you aren't familiar with the 'x' People Destroy series, it has already done POC Destroy SF and Queers Destroy SF to significant success. I was initially a little disconcerted it's swapped magazines for the disability issue, from Lightspeed to Uncanny, but the editors of Uncanny have a disabled child and they've assembled a solid team of disabled editors for the special issue, so my worries seem unfounded.

** The author talks about a bipolar diagnosis, but then settles on neurodiversity as their preferred community label. It's a view I have some sympathy with, though it can confuse people about non-MH related neurodiversity.

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[Content note: discussion of psychiatric hospitals in the link]

The Atlantic is currently calling for reader notes from people who have spent time in psychiatric hospitals either as patients or as staff. E-mail to contribute is hello@theatlantic.com

Here's the discussion thus far: https://www.theatlantic.com/notes/2016/12/tell-us-have-you-spent-time-in-a-psychiatric-hospital/510512/

While I can't guarantee that this particular conversation will be productive, I will say that in general, I tend to like the discussions that come out of reader notes posted on The Atlantic. The combination of curating the reader notes and publishing notes from a wide range of readers means that the discussions are often nuanced and thought-provoking. Plus, in this case, I'm really grateful to them for posting the original note from Eva even though it wasn't prompted by a specific article or news event.

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Published three times a year, the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies combines essays, ideas, and discussion between academics, non-academics and folks like us.

They've just issued a call for submissions for their theme issue on the relationships between fanfiction and disability.

The full call for papers is here:

A taste of what they want follows:
quote begins
However, disability and accessibility have not been explored in either academic or fan scholarship as crucial aspects of fanfiction practices, and disabled fans and fanfiction writers have not been included as significant contributors to online fanfiction communities.

Yet, disability and fanfiction are in a complicated relationship with one another. Fanfiction loves its disabled characters ( Stiles from Teen Wolf, Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, Homestuck, House, River Tam from Firefly), and loves to disable its characters (Harry Potter is iconic in this respect), to get all the feels, to explore all the possibilities, and because you hurt those you love, a lot, especially in fanfic.

Many fans and fan creators have identified online as disabled and/or people with disabilities/impairments. Fans are sharing their experiences and having discussions about disability representation in fandoms and fanfiction, about ableism and accessibility. How disability manifests in online fanfiction works and communities remains to be brought into play in critical disability studies and in fan studies.
[ snip ]
We welcome single and multiple authored pieces. Formats can be written, video (must be captioned), audio (must include transcript).
[ snip ]
Submissions are due 15 April 2016 and can be emailed to
Cath Duchastel de M. at: electrocrip@gmail.com

quote ends

Please signal boost like there's no tomorrow.
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Have you longed for a place on the web where disability is central but not "special"? A place where we live and write and make art as we are. Not a support group, and not about just the body, or the brain, or one particular assistive tech. A web-based zine which could include political rants and silly pictures to gaze at when the brain weasels swarm. Sex tips and cleaning tips and poetry and comics. A site where our disabled selves are the authors and the audience, and everyone else is welcome to learn.

[personal profile] lizcommotion is gathering ideas & volunteers for a "blog-zine-website type thing a la The Toast or Autostraddle, but aimed at disability-type issues or interests."

RIch discussion is happening now, including what sort of content to publish, how to fund it, soliciting volunteers and other notions -- at this post:
or via private message

[signal boosts welcome!]
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[community profile] dark_agenda: Promotion Fest: Dis/ability

Celebrating characters of color with disabilities for the kaleidoscope challenge! A list of suggested characters is provided in the post.
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There's a call for for submissions to a Jane Eyre zine, and the organiser is particularly interested in disability-centric readings of the text. (The call mentions Bertha specifically but there's more to mine.) Information about how to submit at the link, and I definitely encourage you to do so whether you're an Eyre-hater or -lover!
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[personal profile] lightgetsin is hosting a Disability flicrle meme (a friending/subscribing meme) as part of 3 weeks for Dreamwidth. Non-disabled allies are welcome to participate.
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Thanks to [personal profile] kate, who posted about this earlier today.

[livejournal.com profile] evilpuppy posted about an awful experience flying United Airlines. She is a young disabled woman who was treated horribly by every United Airlines representative she encountered on her trip and after, when she tried to file complaints about the poor service.

[personal profile] twistedchick has also written about this incident, and further assembled a set of relevant links with contact information for various agencies, should you wish to learn more or write a letter of complaint.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda also has a post with updates on United's response to the situation.
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Over on the [site community profile] dw_accessibility community, I proposed a way to make it easier to follow who's talking with whom on long comment threads.

Particularly if you use a smaller screen (netbook, phone), large print, audio or braille to read your Dreamwidth circle, I'd love your sampling the discussion and contributing your thoughts.
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[personal profile] ysobel, in Davis, CA, is seeking a female roommate and is offering free rent in exchange for someone to be on call in case of emergency.

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