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 Hi all--
This is a great resource, I've really enjoyed reading through it. I'm looking for help with a canon-divergent disability fic I'm writing. In canon, the character is blinded and then cured; I'm diverging from the cure part. I've been googling things like "experience of blindness," "sudden vision loss," etc which have been helpful but only up to a point.  

In canon (Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood, if anyone's interested), the character loses his vision suddenly and completely, but most of the accounts I've been reading are about people who either have partial vision or became blind gradually. Any suggestions as to what to google/good links to look at?  Most of the fic in this fandom that deals with this is frankly a little icky, and I would really like to avoid the pitfalls of the clueless. 


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Sat, Jan. 26th, 2013 05:55 pm
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Type of media: Fanfic
Fandom: The Departed
Author/Creator: Me
Brief description: I'm AUing the end of the movie to spoilers ) and am looking for advice on communicating some of the physical and emotional responses he'll have.
Link: A public post at my journal

Apologies to the mods for misunderstanding the new policy.
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Hello all!

We are changing a policy at Access Fandom regarding the posting of beta requests. Before, there was no policy. Now we request that you post them in the following format:

ETA: "beta" for our purposes means anyone who offers advice, encouragement, feedback, etc on your work or ideas.

Type of media: Fanfic, vid, podfic, meta or essay, art, etc.
Fandom: (source or original work)
Author/Creator: yourself, generally, but may be someone else
Brief description: of the work and what sort of beta notes you are looking for
Link: back to your own journal, or to wherever the further details of the beta request are.

Discussions concerning the portrayal of disabilities in general or in specific contexts continue to be welcome at access_fandom. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact a moderator.

Thank you,
on behalf of the moderator team
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A friend is looking for help with her novel, due out next year. Details at my DW.
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So, a couple of months ago my old thesis advisor suggested I submit something to this Call For Papers: “Fantastic! Heroic! Disabled?”, as I'd written a couple of things at the end of college about disability studies and superheroes/sci-fi/fandom. I’m building a proposal around Clint Barton/Hawkeye—his canonical deafness in the comics in the 1980s, the restoration of his hearing in the comics after a few years, and some fans’ re-insertion of Hawkeye’s deafness in fanfictions following the release of The Avengers. Basically I’m aiming use Hawkeye as an example to highlight transformative works/fandom as a place where people can create space for disability (while such a space is rarely, if ever, allowed for in popular culture).

I read a fair number of fics over the summer dealing Hawkeye's hearing loss, however, I’m dreadful at bookmarking/keeping track of fics I read. Thus, most of the deaf-Barton fic that I read over the summer has long since slipped through my virtual fingers. I know there's both a bunch of really great Barton fic and a bunch of really dreadful/problematic Barton fic—and I need both! If you have recs/links, or know someone who has recs/links, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send them my way! Thanks so much!

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I'm working on something-- in fact, I'm almost done with it-- that partly intersects with my own experience, and partly doesn't. The problem is that I can't just ask someone with the condition I'm writing about for help, because it's partly made up. There are case studies of people who seem to display the same symptoms (two of them), but I'm not about to ask them even if I did know how to track down anonymous people.

However, even though the disability is made up, it rings true because it's very similar to multiple real conditions. (It really seems like it should be real, too. It's so plausible.) Additionally, it's central to this fic, so I can't just gloss over it.

Wall of Text about the fictional disability and my fic )

I would like to ask people with personal experience to give opinions about this. I do need a beta for characterization, but I'll ask for that on a fandom-specific community; what I'm asking for here, now, is just to talk it over with people. Is anyone open to that?

Thank you. :)
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I'm one of the organizers for the Vid Party at WisCon, and this year we plan to curate a fully subtitled "Singalong" show, to increase the accessibility and enjoyment of our party. We are looking for volunteers to help with the process of subtitling. [personal profile] skud has posted a subtitling tutorial over in [community profile] wiscon_vidparty if you'd like to take a look at what is involved. Incidentally, this method can be used to subtitle any video, not just fanvids, so please consider it a resource for your own use.

If you are interested in helping us subtitle--even just a video or two!--we would be most appreciative. Please just leave a comment in this post or drop an email to wiscon.vidparty [at] gmail [dot] com.

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