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The Disabled People Destroy SF Kickstarter*, to produce a disability themed special issue of Uncanny magazine, is up and running here and well on its way to meeting the initial funding goal (about 80% funded with 29 days to go).

And the first of their personal essays on disability and SF is up here, a good piece on Mental Health/neurodiversity** getting in the way of growing up to be the SF protagonist you dreamed of, that the genre allows you to be, so sitting down and setting to work to change the genre to allow for protagonists with MH/neurodiversity. I'm so glad the first piece talks about MH/neurodiversity and invisible disability, as they're the most invisible/most often cured of SFnal disabilities.

* If you aren't familiar with the 'x' People Destroy series, it has already done POC Destroy SF and Queers Destroy SF to significant success. I was initially a little disconcerted it's swapped magazines for the disability issue, from Lightspeed to Uncanny, but the editors of Uncanny have a disabled child and they've assembled a solid team of disabled editors for the special issue, so my worries seem unfounded.

** The author talks about a bipolar diagnosis, but then settles on neurodiversity as their preferred community label. It's a view I have some sympathy with, though it can confuse people about non-MH related neurodiversity.

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Hello all. I have not yet tested this out but am planning to do so later this week. But there is now a client that can be used with Second Life, which is accessible for users of screen readers. Actually this client has been around for several years, but the original developer passed away and the new one has updated the client. I can't wait to get started with Second Life. Check out this great article: http://onj.me/2xxc- . Last I checked which was just this past weekend, the latest Mac version of Radegast hadn't been posted to the new site but that may have changed by the time you read this.
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Hello everyone. For those of you in the Boston area, this sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I just tweeted this article out for my volunteer job as well. http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2015/09/16/abilities-expo-boston-to-feature-latest-products-and-services-for-people-with-disabilities/

Apologies for not shortening the link. I can do that if the original doesn't work for anyone.
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Hi everyone. I had originally planned on posting something at my journal regarding the ADA'S 25th birthday/anniversary, and I might still do that. I'm thinking it over. But I thought I'd post this link here. Fyi, I'm the one who commented about being yelled at by a couple voc/rehab people. Here it is:
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Disability Fest is a tumblr for fannishness about canonically disabled characters, they have a fest coming up in July and some nice posts in their archive.
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I'm at Escapade, which is being held in the LAX Four Points Sheraton, which has a fascinating arrangement for ADA-compliant rooms: they only have them in single-king rooms, not rooms with 2 queen beds. I'm rooming with one person who's currently stuck in a room with two beds; I drove down with another who opted for the single king bed version--and was told she'd have to pay extra for a rollout bed.

Both of these people reserved rooms with two queens, and checked the box on the website requesting a room with disability access. Both of them have mobility problems that mean it's very unsafe to bathe without bars in the tub to hold on to... and this hotel, unlike many of them, has no safety bars in the standard bathrooms.

After asking around, it seems this has become a common hotel policy: they apparently don't want to "waste" the more valuable double-queen rooms by making them accessible and pulling them out of the general-use pool of rooms. People with disabilities are not offered the option of rooms with two beds--AND they're no told this when they reserve the room. They are informed when they reach the front desk that they have a choice between sleep and bathing; they don't get to have comfortable and safe arrangements for both.

Anyone know a good ADA lawyer?
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DiversifYA's interview with me on living with Hypermobility Syndrome, being disabled, and writing diverse and specifically disabled characters is now up here.

DiversifYA promotes greater diversity in Young Adult literature and is doing a bunch of interviews with people with diverse backgrounds in the hope of encouraging authors to be more diverse in their writing (and readers in their reading). This particular interview spun out of meeting up with Marieke Nijkamp, one of DiversifYA's founders, and a Vice President of We Need Diverse Books, at LonCon. Ironically we didn't work out we both have HMS until a week later, at which point she grabbed me for an interview.

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Today I'm running a Poetry Fishbowl in the series P.I.E., which you can explore via that link.  This is urban fantasy about a mobility-impaired private investigator who handles paranormal cases and her accident-prone cop boyfriend. 

You may also want to browse recent discussions about disability in F&SF and the vocabulary of disability on my blogs.

Please drop by my Dreamwidth or LiveJournal to leave prompts for what you'd like to see me writing along the themes of urban fantasy, life with disabilities, or romance.  You can watch those posts for thumbnails of poems available for sponsorship, and at least one will get posted for free as thanks for the prompts.

Helva's Scream

Wed, Sep. 10th, 2014 03:55 pm
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 Where were you when they sacrificed my disabled brothers and sisters on the hillside

Where were you when they stripped my infant self of my womanhood-to-be

Where were you when they stunted me and sealed me in a box (no glass coffin for unsightly me)

Where were you when they taught me to deride those who saw the trap I was in

Where were you when they wrapped my coffin in a ship and made me one of their slaves

Where were you when they sent me into danger and made me hunt my kin

Where were you when they made my love an impossible dream

Where were you when they proclaimed my song 'a positive image of disability in SF'


Seething over Ship Who Sang being put forward as a positive representation of disability in SFSignal's Mind-Meld

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New article on disability in specfic at SF Signal:

MIND MELD: Disabilities in Speculative Fiction

To summarize: Aaaargh! *Headdesk* *Headdesk* *Headdesk*

The Ship Who Sang suggested as an example of positive depictions of disabled characters - just shoot me now....

Disability overwhelmingly presented as a struggle, people coping with disability dismissed as non-representative, not a mention of the Social Model or the disability rights struggle, a panel that's clearly overwhelmingly non-disabled. There are one or two who have a clue, but overall, just no.

I have committed (possibly harsh) commentary.

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I was under a rock. I just encountered "SF Signal." They host three podcasts as well as hundreds of announcements, reviews, interviews, "books received," and thematic series. (They've been doing this for more than a decade, and won the Best Fanzine HUGO in 2012 and 2013.)

One of those series may be of general interest here:

Special Needs in Strange Worlds

I'm not in love with the title, but the articles themselves have useful info.

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Sun, Mar. 3rd, 2013 04:59 pm
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If anyone is interested in a commentfic meme on the topic of disabilities that start with the letter B, you can find it here.

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Sat, Jan. 26th, 2013 05:55 pm
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Type of media: Fanfic
Fandom: The Departed
Author/Creator: Me
Brief description: I'm AUing the end of the movie to spoilers ) and am looking for advice on communicating some of the physical and emotional responses he'll have.
Link: A public post at my journal

Apologies to the mods for misunderstanding the new policy.
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I recently completed this story and thought that it might be appreciated here. Hope everyone enjoys!

Story: Snapshots
Author: [personal profile] me_ya_ri
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: DCU
Warning: Canon violence (A Death In The Family), AU, traumatic amnesia, non-canon death of a major supporting character (Joker), parental neglect, loneliness, recovery from life-threatening injuries but not much else.
Word Count: Approx 72,700 words total
Summary: An alternate story based on the question/story posed by [personal profile] glymr in her story here (warning for very sad!) - What if Tim had followed Jason to Ethiopia? Tim follows Jason to Ethiopia when he tries to find his mother. At a critical moment Tim acts to save his hero, changing everything as a result of that one moment of bravery.
Chapters: Snapshots | Haley's Circus | Waking | X-Rays | Paparazzi | Visitation | Dammit, Janet (by Malkavianlove) | Cookies | Hearing | Snickerdoodle | CPS | Walk | Oak | Interview | Home | Jack | Decision | Party | Batcave | Janet | Tim | Plot | Judge | Accord | Resolution | Robin
Feedback: Comments (even if it’s just that you read) are much loved and concrit is much appreciated!

ETA: Forgot to post the link to AO3: All in one part here
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Title: You are Here: Why Ryoga Hibiki is Awesome
Fandom: Ranma 1/2
Characters Ryoga, a guest appearance by Mousse
Rating: PG-13 (my language...oops)
Word count: around 2000 words
Warnings: Discussion of stalking and violence. Spoilers abound.

Summary: Ryoga is allowed to be just Like That, even without remotely passing as a non-disabled person. In a general sense, the same is true for anyone else in the cast: the horribly abusive fathers, lethal chefs, and all the people who spend half their time in the form of animals or other people won't be mistaken as typical by anyone; yet they all live together in a tense but tolerant way. What this means for Ryoga is that Takahashi doesn't medicalize his lostness at all.

At my journal.
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My partner and I are pondering a visit to the US for a holiday. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fairly significant mobility issues: I can't walk very far, up more than a couple of stairs, or up steep hills, and will plausibly be hiring a mobility scooter.

Do people have recs (or anti-recs) for cities or sites that are likely to be interesting to two Australian geeks and are particularly amenable to these kinds of constraints?

Any good sf cons that are accessibility friendly and held in interesting cities? (My partner is alas not convinced that he would find Wiscon very interesting)

Our plans are very tentative at this stage, so any and all suggestions or ideas are welcome. Currently pondered locations include San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago and Boston.
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I got to talking about Torn World with [personal profile] trouble who suggested that I copy here the list of TW characters with disabilities.  Torn World is a shared world project, science fantasy with an emphasis on time-bending technology, in which a bunch of writers and artists and worldbuilders collaborate to create a large and intricate web of creative goodies.  For one reason and another, we've built up a significant number of characters living with handicaps.  Come and meet some of them...

Alko is a Southerner, a retired soldier who walks with a limp.  This character is one I created and own.  He figures into Rai's story arc.

Kalitelm is a Northerner, a healer who has a crippling form of dwarfism.  She is adoptable and appears in a bunch of stories, linked on the character page.  Here's one of mine:
"The Song of the Wind, the Sigh of the Willows" (publically visible)

Marai is a Northerner, a childcare worker who is deaf.  I did most of the construction on this character, and she is adoptable.  She appears in several stories; here are a couple of samples:
"A Day of Silence" (publically visible)
"These Teeth, Like Stars" (publically visible)

Rai is a Southerner, a shopkeeper who is legally blind.  I created and own this character.  I've written a couple of stories featuring Rai but they haven't been posted yet.  He does appear briefly in a story about his twin brother, Bai:
"Paper Butterflies: Paper Trail" (publically visible)

Ularki is a Northerner, a pest hunter who is mentally handicapped.  I created this character, and she's adoptable.  She appears in two stories of mine, plus a poem by someone else.
"Odds and Ends" (publically visible)
"The Rats!" (supporters only)

Also worth mentioning is the story "Pretending" (supporters only) in which "The life of a cripple in the Empire isn't exactly what you might think..."

For sake of completion, there is a different form of dwarfism in the Southern Empire, a population with a substantial number of intersexed individuals, and provisions for citizens to change their legal gender identity.  In context these characters aren't generally considered disabled, but some people consider those things to be handicaps; if you count them, you can dig around in the Torn World archives for more information.

Feedback on the accuracy (or possible lack thereof) in these renditions is welcome.  Some of the contributors and canon board members did considerable research to make sure these characters and their conditions were presented in a responsible and plausible manner.  (Bear in mind, though, that neither the Southern nor the Northern culture is a really close match for the world we live in; they handle some things differently than we do, which can work out better or worse.)  We found some good tips and articles about portraying characters with disabilities, but links to more such are always helpful.

Do you want to see more portrayals of characters with disabilities?  Support and encourage the people who create what you like!  If you register as a Torn World member (which is free) then you can leave comments on art or stories, send karma points to favorite contributors, and/or participate in the discussion forums.  If you become a supporter (at various price levels) then part of your fee turns into credits which you can direct to favorite contributors; you can also adopt a character for free.  If you get really hooked and want to contribute, there are options for creating new characters or adopting current ones.  (The cool thing about a shared world project is that it allows interested fans to get involved in creating canon material.  No standing on the sidelines while other folks get to have all the fun.)  Finally, you can watch the Torn World community over on LiveJournal for our Muse Fusion days when we call for prompts -- that's your chance to ask our artists and writers for whatever suits your interests.  Some of the items that come out of a Muse Fusion are posted free, while others first appear as "supporters only" but are available for sponsorship; that gives you another option, sponsoring your favorite stories or illustrations so that everyone can see them.

Vote with your attention and your money.  Those are the most effective ways to get more of the things you consider important.
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Linked from [community profile] metafandom:

[personal profile] katta writes a great post giving some clues on how not to write deaf characters in fanfic. Some great discussion in comments as well.

Also, [personal profile] katta kindly links to the Disability Fanfic site and the Disability in Fanfiction site, which allows canon disabilities but isn't updated as frequently as the other site. I am about to devote my morning to browsing these.

Thinking back on the disability-related fics I've read, some have had pretty good representations and some not-so-good, but I can't think of any fic in which a character is part of a disability community or is political about it (frex, an AU in which a character is part of the Deaf community, rather than woefully deafened for hurt/comfort purposes in the fic).

Anyone have recs to share for fic in any fandom that features a character with a disability who's written well?

I really enjoyed the Fair Trade series by [livejournal.com profile] esteefee, an SGA John/Rodney AU in which John, a war vet with mobility problems after an injury sustained in the war, opens up a fair trade coffeeshop. He meets and slowly falls for Rodney, a brilliant physicist who's hit to bottom rung--designing educational exhibits for schoolchildren. It's a lovely, warm, slow build story, and [livejournal.com profile] esteefee does an incredible job with John's chronic pain, portraying him in a way that seems totally realistic and true to the character while still demonstrating the fullness of his character and his life. Really lovely stories. Also, bonus Teyla and Ronon as John's therapist primary care physician and surgeon, respectively! I was worried at first that they'd show up as baristas in his cafe. I also highly recommend [livejournal.com profile] wihluta's podfic of the stories--you can download them individually or as a podbook from the audiofic archive!
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'Bones' and Invisible Disability

Crossposted at Adventures of a Young Feminist where there are more comments.

...The lack of awareness Brennan’s co-workers show about her Asperger’s leads me to believe it could be considered an invisible disability. At first glance, Brennan appears “normal” and the only way her co-workers would know about her Asperger’s is if she tells them and then proceeds to advocate for her unique needs. In fact, she has made steps towards self-advocation already, at one point last season asking her psychologist, Dr. Lance Sweets, to help her understand social cues and to read facial expressions.

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