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We've created a new policy for posts regarding mental health issues in this community.

Copying the changes from our profile page

This community accepts a variety of cognitive styles and welcomes everyone. You are in charge of maintaining your own safety as much as possible. Mental health issues are challenging.

Content notices/warnings/advisories/cues/clues are helpful, but there are also limitations
- the poster must understand what sort of issues need caution
- the readers must recognize what they need to avoid

Therefore: POSTING RULES re Mental Health Issues
These are rules. Err once, you're publicly warned. Err twice, you're banned for two weeks.
Moderator decisions are arbitrary and final.
ETA: These decisions are at the mods' discretion and are final
1. Use very specific titles.
not "Gloomy themes" but "Suicide in RPGs"

2. Start with brief overview
describe topic, what kind of discussion you want, what's your goal

3. Place the entire remaining post under a cut

Ask questions by messaging a mod if needed.

We hope this works for everyone, and we encourage you to comment here.

ETA to change "arbitrary" decision to "discretionary"
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Hello all!

We are changing a policy at Access Fandom regarding the posting of beta requests. Before, there was no policy. Now we request that you post them in the following format:

ETA: "beta" for our purposes means anyone who offers advice, encouragement, feedback, etc on your work or ideas.

Type of media: Fanfic, vid, podfic, meta or essay, art, etc.
Fandom: (source or original work)
Author/Creator: yourself, generally, but may be someone else
Brief description: of the work and what sort of beta notes you are looking for
Link: back to your own journal, or to wherever the further details of the beta request are.

Discussions concerning the portrayal of disabilities in general or in specific contexts continue to be welcome at access_fandom. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact a moderator.

Thank you,
on behalf of the moderator team

Thank you!

Tue, Sep. 25th, 2012 05:25 pm
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Thank you so much to whoever gave paid time to access_fandom! It is great to know that this community is appreciated.
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Since the linkspam seems to be winding down, I want to make a mod note that posting here is open to all members of the community. You can post what you like, and it's OK to ask questions.

Please see the comm's first post for my ideas on what the community's focus is. But, feel free to bring your own ideas forward!

Hello! Welcome!

Wed, Aug. 12th, 2009 07:39 pm
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My ideas behind this community are as follows, but I hope you will use it however you like. Here are some of my ideas:

--complement the [community profile] accessibility_fail and [community profile] disability communities, but with more of a focus on improving access and disability-friendliness within fandom and specifically at science fiction conventions and conferences.

--promote the idea of Access for Everyone, as part of our culture, as just something we do and expect, and as something that benefits everyone. This is not meant to take the focus off of disabled people, but rather to shift cultural expectations so that access is something we can all think about and all work toward, whether we identify as disabled or not. All people benefit from good access: a excellent example of this is having good signs.

--promote and develop the Access Fandom Wiki. This will be a Wiki where people who are planning conventions can go and learn about how to do Access, and those of us who have done it before can perhaps impart some of our wisdom. A centralized location to discuss, learn, teach the nuts and bolts of this job. I've never worked on a Wiki before, so anyone who wants to jump in and help is so very welcome. All you need to do is register a username and password. This community is an ideal place to discuss the Wiki.

I learned about Access from WisCon. Here is our (WisCon's) Disability Inclusion Statement

While certainly not perfect, it seems that WisCon is ahead of other cons when in comes to Access, and we'd like to get this information around. This community and the Wiki are part of that effort.

Credit where credit is due: [personal profile] jesse_the_k, [personal profile] kestrell, and [personal profile] sparkymonster are current and past Access team members who have developed this statement, with the support of the WisCon Convention Committee.

I am WisCon Access chair for this year. Please note, however, that I'm not running either this community nor working on the Wiki as an "official" WisCon website-- just doing this as my own self.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me or Jesse the K.

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