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Fri, Mar. 22nd, 2013 01:37 pm
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What do you think of this picture of Toph? (It shows Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender in an action pose, with the caption, "Oh, come on! That has to be a typo! Physical Disadvantage: Blindness cannot possibly be worth that many points.") Why do I feel like there's something problematic there, and why do I also feel like I'm just too ready to accuse everything not explicitly created from a disability rights perspective of being ableist?

ATLA ficlet: Gaps

Sun, Dec. 26th, 2010 02:10 pm
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I've been chewing on [personal profile] eruthros's great Festibility prompt of greatness for months. (Months, I tell you, because it is so great). Sadly, the story I want is WAY too awesome for my writing ability at this point, though I promise you it will happen.

Spoilery ATLA ponderings )

This ficlet isn't a fill for [personal profile] eruthros's prompt (she deserves something much meatier).

Title: Gaps
Characters: Zuko, Azula
Word count: 390
Warnings: Language, ableism
Post series, spoilers. Word of God is boring.
For a prompt for [community profile] fic_promptly: "Zuko, Red Dragon (Thomas Harris)"



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These all have brief descriptions on the site which should make sense if you're familiar with canon, plus there's more info under the cut.

How to Train your Dragon: Repairs
(This picture is a bit spoilery)

"How to Train your Dragon" is a lovely, entertaining kids film which, while not perfect, has a pretty good portrayal of disability in my opinion.

Homestuck: Terezi as Toph

Homestuck: Tavros as Teo

The webcomic Homestuck is funny, clever and has a terrible depiction of disability.

Tavros is a sweet, nice boy who is a little slow on the uptake and ends up being the butt of many jokes. He was introduced offscreen and people drew him in a wheelchair which inspired the author to make him a paraplegic in canon too.

The inspiration for the Tavros picture was seeing fanart of him dressed as a mermaid for Halloween looking sad and wanting to draw him looking happy and awesome.
Meta about the repeated motifs which spoils How to Train Your Dragon )
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Although I am not an artist myself, I love looking at fanart online. I keep an extensive collection of favorites at deviantART, and at [personal profile] sasha_feather's suggestion, I am posting links to Toph fanart here for Festibility.

All links go to various pages of fanart at deviantART.com. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger; artist descriptions of the piece can be viewed if you scroll down a bit.

Warnings: Mild cartoon violence (no worse than the series, I don't think)


Toph in dress, earthbending

Katara and Toph, kicking some butt

Toph + Gaang, grown-up and in formal outfits

Grown-Up Toph

Gaang, with Toph close-up

Teashop (finale) painting

Season 3 fighting poses

Safety First

Day of Black Sun: Press Art

Always Together

Chibis [Even as a chibi, Toph is bad-ass.]


Toph messing up some firebenders

Older Toph

Toph, bad-ass in Fire Nation outfit

Older Toph v. Older Zuko

Toph, bending

Earthbending makes Toph happy.

Toph the Melon Lord, :)
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Since somebody has to be gauche enough to post first :D (Though for anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed by trying to keep track of the fills as they're posted, they start on page 11 of the flat version of the comments. There aren't very many yet though)

Both works are G-rated gen humour and don't have any warnings(*), and all the images have transcripts/descriptions(**).
Fancomic, fanfic, fanart )

Dear mods, here are some tags which I would have liked to have added and which I think would be useful in general:
fandom: avatar the last airbender, fanart, prompt fill (As much as I'd like it, "fancomic" is a tag which is unlikely to get as much use :))

(*)I'd say "don't have any content notes" but I don't think the meaning would be as clear.
(**)And if there's anything about these transcripts that's unhelpful let me know!

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