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Date: 2015-04-23 12:30 pm (UTC)
davidgillon: A pair of crutches, hanging from coat hooks, reflected in a mirror (Default)
From: [personal profile] davidgillon
Interesting piece, though there's a slightly better representation in web-comics.

Jaz in Too Much Information is a below-knee amputee with facial scarring, and lost her leg within the storyline while working as a nurse in Iraq. (Caution: Frequently Not Safe For Work)

Mia in Unintentionally Pretentious is blind and the author is clearly familiar with the issues around visual impairment, often building strips around them. Unfortunately it seems to be on semi-hiatus just now.

Peggy in Grrlpower is another below knee amputee with facial scarring from the recent unpleasantness, and the only normal human on a team of superheroes - she's their sniper and pilot. Dabbler, the alien succubus, has mentioned having a cyborg arm and eye, but they haven't become a disability issue so far.(Occasionally NSFW)

Kim, the protagonist of Dresden Codak is a triple amputee (both legs and one arm, plus a bunch more internal organs) but normally that isn't an issue as she has fully functional replacements as part of her mad scientist thing, unfortunately they got trashed a few pages ago, so she's currently a bit limited wrt mobility. I'm not absolutely convinced with the way the author is handling it, but at least he does acknowledge she's disabled, which is rare in a cyborg character.

Hanners in Questionable Content has severe OCD, Faye has depression and related alcoholism, and Dora has trust issues sufficient to break up her past relationships and seek counselling for. Meanwhile Clinton has an artificial hand and it seems likely Emily is meant to be somewhere on the autism spectrum, though so far that's mainly been played as 'let's laugh at Emily being weird). The author has mentioned he has depression (IIRC) himself.

Steffi, teen protagonist of Kiwi Blitz, has an artificial leg, having lost it above the knee as a small child. However it's rarely an issue as daddy runs a robotics company. She is very occasionally seen without it, so the author hasn't completely forgotten she counts as disabled. One of her contacts recently lost an arm while confronting the series uber-bad, which was handled fairly well. Unfortunately said bad guy (bad gal actually) is a multiple amputee cyborg and the current storyline looks like establishing her disability as being behind the fact she's a homicidal maniac :(

Rachel Peng, guest-starring in the current story arc of A Girl And Her Fed in a cross-over from the eponymous technothrillers the author also writes, is blind, however being a cyborg lets her pass as sighted and I'm not even sure it's been referenced in the comic storyline. (Though pretty much all the agents were subjected to an induced depressive illness at the start of the first storyline of AGAHF, which is actually how Rachel ended up blind).

And I'm probably forgetting several more, but those are the ones I happen to read. One thing I've noticed about webcomics and disability, there seems to be a definite tendency to pick ones that are easy to draw! Characters using wheelchairs are a whole lot rarer than characters using life-like prosthetics.

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Date: 2015-04-24 11:59 am (UTC)
davidgillon: A pair of crutches, hanging from coat hooks, reflected in a mirror (Default)
From: [personal profile] davidgillon
It's been in the back of my mind for a while to write a piece about disability in webcomics, so I've sort of being collecting them and had them ready to hand when I saw your post.

So if anyone knows of any more (whether good or bad), pass them my way, please. (Others I'm aware of that have had disabled characters or disability related story lines: Schlock Mercenary, Crimson Dark, Strong Female Protagonist).


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Date: 2015-04-30 07:58 pm (UTC)
susanreads: my avatar, a white woman with brown hair and glasses (Default)
From: [personal profile] susanreads
Webcomic Magellan (magellanverse.com) has Ken Spence, a double amputee (in the main timeline) who uses a hoverchair. Also, things happen to other characters over the course of the story.

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Date: 2015-04-30 08:02 pm (UTC)
davidgillon: A pair of crutches, hanging from coat hooks, reflected in a mirror (Default)
From: [personal profile] davidgillon
Thanks. I'll take a look.

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